Yep, moved my blog again (Drupal ==> Pelican) ==> (Sphinx) ==> (Quarto)


Mark Isken


January 14, 2023

This was from 2013-2022, which I then moved to a Sphinx based site hosted on Github Pages for a short time. Quarto came along and I really wanted to try it out for blogging. I also got around to registering the []( domain and am using Netlify for hosting.

I’ll be adding all of my old content over the next few weeks. You can still find it at

I’ll do a separate post on my experiences with porting my blog to Quarto. For now, I’ll just say that as someone who had created blog content related to both R and Python, I am loving the ability of Quarto to strongly support multiple a authoring environments. Actually, I’m loving a lot more than that.