Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Spreadsheet Project

Excel is everywhere


Mark Isken


March 22, 2013

I’m working on a teaching paper right now about the online version of my spreadsheet based modeling course. As part of that I was looking around the web to see other examples of such courses and ran across this course from Univ. of Vermont. One of the instructors is Tony Starfield (researcher and author of some classic books on modeling and models for wildlife conservation management). He even does his famous “filling up a room with ping pong balls” modeling exercise that I’ve used on and off in my classes. The online course is very professionally done and I’m looking forward to checking out all of the modules. It’s self paced. It’s free.

This course was developed in collaboration between the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, National Training Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Conservation Training Center, and the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit.

Wow, spreadsheet modeling + ecology. What a find. :)