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Mark Isken


January 28, 2023

Mapscaping Podcast

I’ve been listening a lot to this podcast. It’s a great resource and covers a wide range of geospatial topics. One thing that makes it somewhat unique is that there are numerous episodes focusing on geospatial career related topics such as mid-career changes, side hustles and advice for geospatial startups. While listening to the episode on finding your dream job in earth observation the subject of podcasting came up and several other geospatial podcasts were recommended. So, I figured I’d list a few of them here so that I remember to start checking them out.

Minds Behind Maps

These are conversations with the people behind the maps powering the modern world.

I’m looking forward to checking these out as they are long-form podcasts, and I really like long-form podcasts (e.g. Acquired)

The Scene From Above Podcast

A show that brings you informal discussions about the cool things in the world of Earth observation.

Geo Mob

Geomob provides a relaxed forum to learn about and discuss geoinnovation in any and all forms. We do this via regular in-person events and our weekly podcast.