Presentation to Detroit ASA on open source for teaching business analytics

Trying to do DES in R


Mark Isken


January 1, 2014

I had the pleasure of presenting yesterday to the Detroit Chapter of the American Statistical Association. The title of my talk was “Introducing open source statistical and data science tools to business analytics students and professionals”.

Slides: IntroToPCBAclass-ASA.pdf


Tools such as Excel, SQL databases, SPSS and SAS have long been staples of the quantitative side of business education and professional practice. Recently, this community has seen a surge in popularity of open source tools of a more computational nature. In response, in the spring of 2014, I developed and delivered a course entitled “Practical Computing for Business Analytics” within the School of Business at Oakland University. This course relied entirely on open source software for course development, delivery and student work. Specifically we used the Linux OS along with R and Python. R Markdown documents and IPython notebooks were the primary teaching tools. I will describe my teaching methods, discuss how the course went, and share plans for the continued dissemination of this material in the business analytics community.You can see an “open access” version of the course website at

We had some very good discussion and the whole evening was great fun.



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