Hello world from ablog blogging with JupyterLab

Testing out ablog Sphinx extension for blogging


Mark Isken


April 2, 2022

Hello world, this is a markdown cell in a Jupyter notebook I’m using to test blogging from notebooks using the ablog package.

The top cell should be a markdown cell with the title of the blog post.

The second cell is the ablog post directive that includes the post metadata. IMPORTANT While the ablog docs show an example, a few key details aren’t totally explicit.

The corresponding cell metadata looks like this in the .ipynb file:

    "cell_type": "raw",
   "metadata": {
    "raw_mimetype": "text/restructuredtext"

Now you are ready to go and write your blog post directly from your Jupyter notebook.

Some basic examples

x = 5 + 6
print(f'x is {x}')
x is 11

Let’s display image display since we’ll need this for blogging.

from IPython.display import Image


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